Analytical Labs

UIRI prides herself in having laboratory facilities that ensure quality assurance of products developed in-house as well as those processed in the communities. The laboratories which include the microbiology, food and chemistry laboratories, strive to meet both national and international standards hence continuously remodeling to suit the required standards and meet needs of food scientists, researchers, exporters, manufacturers, pharmacists and the general public. 


UIRI’s Microbiology Laboratory is a traditional unit that was established to assist in Product Development and the provision of microbiological analytical services. As such, it is designed to ensure in-built quality in the products and processes, and to demonstrate compliance to national and international quality requirements and standards. The section also provides analytical services to industry for similar reasons.

In all the Research and Development activities carried out, UIRI works closely with the community or potential entrepreneurs in applying experimental research to create new knowledge and use development techniques such as meetings, workshops, tours for technology evaluation, and demonstration, and participatory research methods including ranking, landscaping, village walks to identify resources, and rapid rural appraisal.

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UIRI’s Chemistry Laboratory is one of the country’s best equipped laboratories providing unrivalled testing facilities to food scientists, researchers, exporters, manufacturers, pharmacists and the general public. 

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Comprising of a team of professionally trained food scientists and nutritionists, the Food Laboratory is the Institute’s focal points in Food product Research and Development. The work spans across the entire product cycle from ideation through to commercialization. For most part, state-of-the-art technologies are employed to deliver modern solutions to the challenges of an increasingly dynamic food industry.

These, among many, include: freeze drying technology, ultrasonic raw milk analysis, rapid plate freezing technology, modified atmospheric packaging and fluidized bed drying technology.

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