Dairy Technology Department

The Dairy Technology Section is one of the four departments under UIRI’s Food Science and Technology Division. It was set up as a research, training and technology development center geared towards addressing the needs of the dairy processing industry that involves process development, quality up-gradation, cost reduction, value addition and product diversification.

The section offers opportunities to micro and small-scale dairy processors, students and other stakeholders to gain knowledge, expertise and facilities available. As part of the department’s activities, there is increased production of skilled manpower, increased investment, and job creation, reduction in wastage of raw materials, improved safety, quality and competitiveness of Uganda’s dairy products.



  • Conduct applied research programs relevant to the immediate needs of the dairy industry.
  • Conduct practical training for micro and small scale dairy processors, prospective entrepreneurs and students from higher institutions of learning in field of Dairy processing ,and quality assurance
  • Promote growth and development of safe, high quality dairy products.
  • Identify, adopt and diffuse knowledge & technologies in dairy processing to respective users
  • Upgrade traditional dairy processing technologies to semi industrial or industrial level
  • Provide technical advisory services to prospective dairy-processing entrepreneurs.
  • Promote adoption of modern quality management systems by micro, small and medium scale enterprises e.g. GHP, GMP and , HACCP
  • Provide Business incubation services



Activities/ Services Offered

  • Research and development of value added dairy products
  • Business Incubation services for entrepreneurs .
  • Practical training programs in dairy processing, milk value addition,quality control&assurance
  • Technological problem solving :-e.g. quality up-gradation, value addition, new product and process development, product improvement
  • Advice on choice of dairy processing equipment and machinery, plant layout and process design.
  • Establishment of quality assurance systems; e.g. GMP, GHP, HACCP, etc
  • Guiding clients in writing techno-economic feasibility report and business plans for dairy processing entrepreneurs projects
  • Processing new products during trial phase for private companies.
  • Contract processing


Summarized information of the Diary technology department 

Type of product Status/ brief description Future developments/plans
Pasteurized milk and yoghurt Currently producing pasteurized milk and yoghurt of four different flavors – Vanilla, strawberry, blueberry , plain Sensitization of the public on the health benefits of consuming pasteurized milk and yoghurt hence improving on the consumption patterns of these products
Probiotic yoghurts R & D activities are on-going, UIRI has signed a collaboration with Yoba for Life foundation to develop more Probiotics using other strains of Probiotic cultures Developing different Probiotic products including yoghurt, whey drinks from bi products of cheese processing
Sensitization of the public on the health benefits of consuming these products hence improving on the consumption patterns of Probiotic drinks
Goat milk Products Mashamba Farm Ltd requested for technical assistance in goat milk value addition from UIRI. The training was subsequently conducted in 2017 and they are now making goat milk yoghurt, cheese & pasteurized milk Sensitization of the public on the health benefits of consuming these goat milk products hence improving on the consumption patterns of these products
Yoghurt of different flavors The company was trained and is now producing conventional yoghurts with different flavors – mango, vanilla , strawberry , plain , chocolate Introductions and popularization of new Dairy Products – probiotic Ice cream and yoghurt