Finance and Administration

The department provides technical information on machinery sources and costs, and best manufacturing practices for SMEs and industrialists. This department consists of; meat, dairy, bakery fruit and vegetables, business incubation and all visual incubation centers of UIRI. This directorate commercializes prototype pilot production of new and improved products.

It undertakes to increase capacity and product varieties of processing industries with strong forward and back linkages, partial or complete processing of raw materials on products in order to sell them as semi-finished or finished products (value addition), undertaking technological identification, testing and recommendation for application by entrepreneurs, provision of quality assurance services to the enterprises through laboratory testing and field monitoring. It also Conducts market surveys to determine customers/consumers to enable the products be competitive in the market without losses in the business.

The Directorate comprises of 6 departments each headed by a manager.

  1. Human Resource Management.

    The Human Resources Department (HR) is responsible for Human Resource Management including management of staff performance, Staff welfare recruitment, industrial relations, personnel affairs as well as staff training and development among others.

  2. Accounts

    The major function of the Accounts section is to ensure accuracy and timeliness of all accounting systems, budgeting, cash management, audit and provision of financial information as required by Government, Donors and the Public.

  3. The Procurement & Disposals Unit (PDU).

    The Procurement & Disposal Unit (PDU) is responsible for managing all procurement and disposal functions by tender of the Authority and it does this through coordination with other UIRI Directorates/Divisions/Units. All procurement activities are guided by the PPDA rules and regulations.

  4. Estate management.

    The Estate Management section fulfills the primary function of providing corporate estate management and maintenance of the institutes infrastructure and property.

  5. Administrative services.

    The Administration section is responsible for providing timely administrative support to all other UIRI departments and directorates. This includes coordination / Liaison of all UIRI activities and collaborations. It also ensures timely feedback to the relevant stakeholders.

  6. Transport

    The Institute has a fleet of motor vehicles and motor cycles that help in the day to day activities of the Institute. The Transport department is responsible for the acquisition of transport. The department is also in charge of fuel provision, Insurance repair and maintenance of the UIRI fleet.