Fruits and Vegetables

The Fruits and Vegetables Technology Department is one of the model areas under the Directorate of Production Systems at UIRI. The Department was setup to promote industrialization through value addition to fruits and vegetables, improvement of indigenous fruits & vegetables technologies, skills development, business incubation, implementation of government value addition projects, provision of SMEs outreach reach services among others. The Department works in collaboration with the laboratories at the Institute to ensure production of safe and quality products that are fit for human consumption and meet consumer expectations.

The Fruits and Vegetables Technology Department offers services to: students; Institutions of Higher Learning, Technical and Vocational Institutes; prospective entrepreneurs; business start-ups; existing food businesses; researchers; government entities; both public and private organisations/associations; Development Partners, Civil Society Organisations among others. We understand that empowering the public especially prospective entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and vital information; practical skills and exposure to modern technology is not only crucial for promoting industrialization but also important for economic transformation of the country.

We offer community outreach services to farmers, groups, associations in different parts of the country to enable them start-up value addition business operations. This way, we are able to promote growth of small cottage industries across the country. For example, in the past, we have participated in provision of community outreach services in Soroti, Kalangala, Kayunga, Masaka, Kamwenge, Kabale, Namungogo

Projects /Collaborations

Soroti Fruit Processing Project

The Department has collaborated with UDC and other stakeholders in establishing the Soroti Fruit factory through provision of pilot processing of orange and mango ready to drink juices and technical advisory services regarding fruit processing. The Fruit Factory was currently launched by H.E The President of Uganda on 13th April, 2019 at the Soroti Industrial Park.

BEAR II Project

The Department is a member the technical committee responsible for the implementation of the BEAR II (Better Education for Africa’s Rise II) Project. This project is spearheaded by the Ministry of Education and Sports and UNESCO. The Department is part of the task team responsible for result area three of the project: “Capacities to develop and implement approaches to increase the attractiveness of TVET are enhanced”. To achieve this result, one of the main activities of the task team is to enhance capacities for the development and implementation of the National skills competition. Thus the role of the Fruits and Vegetables Department is to build the capacity of the instructors and competitors, and at the same time provide technical advice on post-harvest management and processing of Fruits and Vegetables.

Type of product

Status/ Brief Description

Mango RTD juice

SMEs have been trained on production of mango RTD juice

Commercial production of the juice is ongoing

Cocktail juice

Commercial production of the product is ongoing

Gooseberry RTD juice

The stability and packaging of the product has been improved

An MOU has been signed between UIRI and the Company producing the product

Commercial production of the product is ongoing

Hibiscus juice

SMEs have been trained on how to process hibiscus ready to drink and concentrate juices

Trial production is ongoing

Tomato sauce

The entrepreneur has been trained on tomato sauce making

Trial production is ongoing


The entrepreneur has been trained on tomato sauce making

Trial production is ongoing