In-House Incubation

Fostering the industrial gist as per her mandate the Uganda Industrial Research Institute spurs fledgling entrepreneurs to skilled and productive industrialists within her setting. The In-house incubatee’s listed below enjoy both UIRI’s facilities and expertise as the Institute nurtures them into vibrant business entities.

Below is a list of the in-house incubatees:

1 Chicken World Meat processing
2 Quality natural product LTD Coffee Processing
3 Brentec Vaccines Production of chicken vaccine
4 M/S Z-Plus LTD Dairy processing
5 Kabeihura Farmers Ltd Dairy processing
6 M/S Premier Dairies (U) ltd Dairy processing
7 Kiika Farm Fruit processing
8 Derekorp Ltd Juice Processing
9 Amagara skin care Ltd Cosmetics
10 Diocese of Kigezi (Church of Uganda) Chicken Processing,
11 Maziba Fruit Wine Producers Wine Production
12 Spencer Holdings Meat processing
13 Nyowe Ventures Company Ltd Cosmetics production
14 Scale Bio fuel Ltd Bioethanol production
15 Frosty Fresh Ltd Meat processing
16 Grandies Foods Ltd Meat processing
17 Bbit Cuts Meat processing
18 Golden Cuts Meat processing
19 Armour Group Ltd Cosmetics
20 Del Agro Dairy processing
21 Harvest Meat (U) Ltd Meat processing
22 Deli cuts (U) Ltd Meat processing
23 Trade Masters (U) Ltd Bakery processing
24 Sam Paper Products Paper processing
25 Capital Logistics and Procurement Ltd Bakery processing
26 Lanic Enterprises Ltd Paper processing
27 Lechem Bakery Ltd Bakery processing
28 Ngoya Investments Ltd Dairy processing
29 Infinite Africa Ubuntu Ltd Meat processing
30 Kits Wood Ltd Carpentry & Joinery ( Furniture)
31 Unique Cuts Meat processing
32 Neicey Investments Ltd Fruit Juice processing
33 Ampour Group of Companies Sauces and Chilies
34 Kata Orchards General Supplier Ltd Fruit Juice processing
35 Zuri Homeopathic Ltd Homeopathic medicines (natural substances used to treat diseases).
36 ATCG DNA Sequencing services
37 Obene Jaramogi & Sons Ltd Dairy processing
38 Canan Investments Ltd Dairy processing
39 Benito Mixed Farm Meat Processing