ICT Services

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Division is responsible for managing the institute’s user computer network; website; hosted e-mail domain; Local Area Networks (LANs); network servers; Industry Resource Centre (IRC) computer network, Business Development Centre (BDC) computer network and desktop publishing facility.

The ICT Services Division is also charged with managing the institute’s communication infrastructure which includes: a teleconferencing facility; user hardware (telephones, scanners, projectors, printers, data storage devices, fax machines, modems etc); and software (computer programs).

Business Development Centre(BDC)

All businesses whether startups or existing require some form of help at the different levels of operation. This kind of help may be in form of guidance in the process of generating a winning business idea, researching that idea, business planning, strategic development,records management or the adoption of Information communications technology as a tool to business development
Sometimes help needed may be in form of training in business and ICT skills. This is what the Business Development Center offers to selected target groups in order to facilitate industrialization in Uganda.

The target groups for the services on offer at UIRI’s BDC include:

  • People in Industry – A group of businesses that provide a particular product or service whether at a startup, small or medium enterprise level.
  • People or businesses under incubation at UIRI
  • General public


How to enroll in any of the services on offer at the Business Development Center

Express interest to participate in any of the services offered at the BDC by submitting a letter or mail of interest. Submit letter addressed to the business development center coordinator at UIRI’s reception. If sending mail: Use bdcinfo@uiri.go.ug
Whatever mode of communication you use while expressing your interest, you will be contacted by our staff with in a period of 2 days. An appointment will be scheduled for you to meet and discuss with us the matter at hand for further guidance.