Instrumentation is a core discipline that deals with measurement and control in order to increase system or process functionality, productivity and safety.

In the context of engineering, instrumentation relates to the principle of operation, monitoring and control of measuring instruments including the design, configuration, maintenance and repair of automated systems which can be electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic.

In spite of its obvious importance in several sectors including: health care; food processing; general manufacturing; metal fabrication; heat treatment; extrusion; refining; pharmaceutical and fine chemical production; product packaging and waste management, instrumentation has remained largely overlooked across the country. Yet, we continue to import sophisticated machinery and equipment that we do not have the local capacity to maintain. It is in recognition of this gap that the institute has set up an Instrumentation Division under TDC.

Activities carried out by the Instrumentation Division include technical skills capacity development for: system diagnostic testing; equipment repair, calibration, electronics design, assembling, testing, troubleshooting and servicing.