Paper Plant

Handmade paper which is currently Pulp and Paper Technology started in 2005 with the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) being mandated to produce paper from banana fibre. For the last 14 years in operation, the project has tremendously achieved significant results through utilizing numerous agricultural fibres. Some of the fibres that have already been used to produce paper of acceptable quality include; banana fibre (stems), pineapple crowns, cotton rags, sisal, bagasse, papyrus, wheat straw, waste paper to mention but a few.

These fibres have been converted into high value-added commercial products especially Paper, packaging bags, folders, cards among others using affordable and appropriate technologies. This has been done through focused research and development of different products to help in training and developing of new enterprises in Uganda. The Technology is currently being commercialized through Incubation and Diversification in Waste processing. Three SMEs are actively involved in production of Packaging Paper and other related paper products.

Services offered by the section

  1. Incubation and diversification in Production of packaging paper and other related paper products
  2. Fibre Identification/Mapping
  3. Proximity and Physical analysis of fibres through treatment for Paper making
  4. Training and Mentoring of SMEs, Individuals, NGOs, Institutions among others in the areas of fibre extraction, Treatment, Paper making and Paper bags making

Summarized information of the Paper Plant

Type of product Status/ brief description Future developments/plans
Pulp & Paper products from Natural fibres Pulp & Paper Technology Section; Focuses on turning agricultural waste into Packaging paper and other related services including Incubation and diversification in waste management. The main activities include among others;
  1. Fibre Identification/Mapping
  2. Proximity and Physical analysis of fibres through treatment for Paper making
  3. Training and Mentorship of SMEs
  4. Individuals
  5. NGOs
  6. Institutions among others in the areas of fibre extraction
  7. Treatment
  8. Paper making
  9. Paper bags production and Briquettes processing
  10. Incubation through Diversification and Training in production of briquettes
  11. Branding and Packaging for sale
  1. Production trials for new fibres like Papyrus, Barkcloth, Bagasse, Wood shaving among others
  2. Training more Entrepreneurs through mentorship (Incubation and Diversification)
  3. Improving processes for briquettes making from extracted waste materials
  4. National coordination Research centre for briquette making from different waste fibrous materials
  5. Identification of Various Fibrous materials for Hand/ paper making
  6. Diversification in processing of Fibrous materials
  7. Collaboration, Training and dissemination of Pulp and Paper Technologies to Private Sector and Institutions across the country