Media Agency learns more About How UIRI Operates

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Uganda Radio Network an independent news agency renowned for supplying news to media visited the Uganda Industrial Research Institute with interest in learning more about how the Institute works. This was following a visit their reporter (Christopher Kisekka) had to Nabusanke located in Mpigi District, where UIRI has supported Kasaka Women’s Union with both technical and technology support for the production of fruit juice.

UIRI shared about its experience offering community groups with technical and technology support in order to boost value addition for agriculture produce and improve their livelihoods. The Agency reporter was briefed about the key elements of product development and quality control and role of the analytical laboratories.

Besides the Nabusanke Project, Christopher Kisekka gained insight about other community groups UIRI had supported in its business incubation programme including Maziba Wine and Juice in Kabale, Meat processing in Arua, Lukka community briquette making project, Kalangala Soap making project, Lira peanut processing among others.