Thursday, August 12, 2021

World Youth day is a time the Uganda Industrial Research Institute esteems, as it continues to focus on empowering youth in skills and nurturing their entrepreneur aspirations. Over the years UIRI has embarked on a path of building the capacity youth training them in adding value to agriculture produce, technology development while also boosting their capacity to innovate, develop products and utilize appropriate technology for entrepreneurship.

Of the 34.8% youth population in Uganda, the International Labour Organisation notes 2.48% are unemployed. The Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) mitigates this by targeting both the illiterate and literate youth as well as the school drop outs. Skills in entrepreneurship, food processing, textile, ceramics, carpentry and fabrication among others are given.

From this initiative UIRI has seen youth grown companies such as Pelere and Wekebere, emerge in the Ugandan economy. More recently the Institute has supported Youth Focused Achiever Network in Rukiga District with electric sewing machines and standard electric flat irons. Majority of the beneficiaries a women in the youth age bracket.