UIRI Empowers Women into Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Uganda Industrial Research Institute has consistently equipped Ugandan’s industrious skills that have culminated in the birth and reinforcement of enterprises in the country. The previous year registered over 2000 trainees of whom the biggest percentage was women and youth. Recently UIRI concluded training over 200 women in different skillsets including meat and cow bone processing, tailoring, and the production of quality facial masks.

All the trainees were able to make products after their training. But more impressive are the 170 women who after being trained have participated in the production of the three-layered mask. Each woman produces about 100 masks per day and is given an allowance for the work to motivate them further. Even after this engagement, the women go back to their communities able to produce masks and even train others.

Additionally, all the women trained, are exposed to the importance of ensuring quality in their products and are introduced to marketing skills.