Our Business

Business Incubation

The purpose of technology incubation in UIRI is to effectively link talent, technology, capital and know how to leverage entrepreneur talent in order to accelerate the development of new firms and thus speedup the uptake of technology within economy and growth of private industry. The production system department performs the following functions as regards to business incubation;

Technology Transfer & Development

The technology needs of developing countries like Uganda can, in many instances, be addressed by acquiring technologies from developed countries and adapting them for local application. The institute is currently involved in several collaborative technology transfer projects with internationally renowned research organizations in industrially developed countries such as Malaysia and China. These projects are implemented under the stewardship of TDC

Value Addition and Product Development

Targeting the transformation of raw materials to income generating products, the institute focuses on studying the possibility of generating new uses for existing raw materials as well as improving on the already existing ones. This is undertaken in an integrated approach of identifying technologies proficient in processing the raw materials and the different product that can be obtained from them.

Skills Development

UIRI offers hands on skills training in diverse areas such as food processing, laundry and cosmetics production, weaving and textile, bamboo value addition, carpentry, metal fabrication, minerals and materials processing among others so as to promote value addition to our existing and abundant natural resources.