Value Addition and Product Development

Targeting the transformation of raw materials to income generating products, the institute focuses on studying the possibility of generating new uses for existing raw materials as well as improving on the already existing ones. This is undertaken in an integrated approach of identifying technologies proficient in processing the raw materials and the different product that can be obtained from them.


Mycotoxin- Aflatoxin binder The product is designed to help reduce on the burden of aflatoxin in food On- going research  
Polylactic acid,Bio-plastics,Xanthan gum Additives and processing aids growth rate is low in Uganda. UIRI is addressing the hindrance through research, and building capacity for knowledge intensive biotechnologies On- going research  
Bio-ethanol from cassava Developed a production process and trained one (1) male entrepreneur (Future Investments Ltd from Abim in Karamoja) On- going research  
Biosensors development Aflatoxin biosensor was developed and validated against the gold standard and found to be comparable. It’s critical features are that it can be used at point of need, it is hand held and easy to use even in rural areas. On- going research  
Enzymes that have been successfully made include: cellulase, xylanase, alpha amylase; and cutinase as anti-back staining agent. supplied cellulase and cutinase to a student of Kyambogo University who has successfully done research on Bio-polishing of denim jeans On- going research  
Lactic acid Embarked on developing high value lactic acid from cassava. When polymerized, the lactic acid is useful in the production of biodegradable plastics for packaging, cutlery and fabrics On- going research  
AZOBAC The bacteria have been specially selected and pose no threat to human life and the environment. This organic fertilizer doubles as a pesticide. On- going research  
Natural therapeutics Working with clients like Zuri Homeopathic Ltd to develop and improve their products. These are natural body remedies especially natural treatment for tropical diseases. Commercialized  
Probiotic yogurt UIRI has signed a collaboration with Yoba for Life to train various….foundation to develop more Probiotics using other strains of Probiotic cultures especially in Yoghurt and ice cream Commercialized Over 80 individuals benefited from this training
Goat milk products Mashamba Farm Ltd was trained in goat milk value addition from UIRI. The training was subsequently conducted in 2017 and they are now making goat milk yoghurt, cheese & pasteurized milk Commercialized 1
Corn bread The bakery Unit diversified its value addition options like using corn to make bread which has been tasted on the market Commercialized 1
Banana bread Using the banana recipe reduces on the processing of sugar Commercialized 1
Chocolate bread Add the chocolate flavour to make a different taste and brand on the bread On-going research 1
Research on cassava flour to use as wheat The bakery unit wants to substitute cassava flour from wheat flour which will reduce on production cost and provide market for the cassava farmers On-going research  
Electronically Controlled Gravity Feed Set for improved intravenous therapy. On- going project  
Autoclave .The low cost solar powered Autoclave for sterilizing instruments in hospitals in collaboration with Mbarara University Commercialized  
neonatal baby cot prototype for incubating premature babies.This would reduce cases of neonatal death particularly premature babies. The warmer operates as a non-automated device using sodium asphalt that serves as an incubator which would be a resource for traditional birth attendants and health centers affected by power cuts On- going project  
Portable Electro-Chemical Aflatoxin Testing Kit The portable Electro-chemical Aflatoxin B1 Detection kit will enable rural women farmers carry out on spot screening and detection of aflatoxins in their agricultural produce. The project is completed but yet to be utilised fully  
Mulondo juice extract Tamarind plays an important role in traditional medicine.In liquid form, it is commonly used to treat diarrhea, constipation, fever and peptic ulcers Ongoing project soon to be commercialized 1
Celery Juice Lowers Arthritis Pain, Boosts Immune System, Reduces Asthma Symptoms, Improves Heart Health Regulates Fluid Balance, Relieves Migraines, Detoxifies the Body, Prevents Cataracts, Weight Loss On-going project soon to be commercialized 1
Bushera –tamarind drink This is bushera mixed with Tamarind which helps Boosts immunity and very rich in iron Commercialized 1
Vegetable-pineapple Cocktail It consists of Pineapple,spinach,kale and celery. It helps detoxify the body and promotes weight loss Commercialized 1
Gooseberry juice and tree tomato value addition on the tree tomatoes and gooseberries.Juice is extracted from the stem tomato and goosberries Commercialized 1
Pulp & Paper products from Natural fibres Focuses on turning agricultural waste like Papyrus, Barkcloth, Bagasse, Wood and pineapple leaves into Packaging paper and other related services including diversification in waste management to include briquette processing. It also increased the range of paper products to include black book covers as well as craft paper trays Commercialized 4
Vegetable Sausages A new type sausage whereby you use only vegetables such as cowpeas and mushrooms to make sausages and trained one entreprenuer On- going research 1
Rabbit sausages Support entreprenuers to make rabbit sausages Commercialized 2
Fish Sausages Support entreprenuers to makefish sausages Commercialized 2
Bamboo bicycle The bicycle frame is made of bamboo which the makes the appearance look unique, its light, eco-friendly and availability for all ages and gender On- going project soon to be commercialized  
silk reeling & re-reeling machines This helps extract silk threads from the silk cocoon, this has mainly supported silk worm farmers focused on areas where the silk rearing is taking place. UIRI initiated a project of skilling the girl child where they made 20 table looms,20 frame looms, and 4 warping mills which is used for measuring during the state nation address. Commercialized  
wooden briquette press machine They made these machines to make briquettes which was used to train people in Luuka and Kayunga and also one at the UIRI premises Trained over 60 people  
Inkle looms& comb looms These are used to make ties and belts and over 20 people were trained Trained over 20 people  
soap slashing machine This machine has supported entreprenuers to cut soap locally which has made it easy and cheap Commercialized  
Jack looms Five table looms and one jack loom were made and distributed in areas of Kabale and Bugiri to support women groups and individuals to make textiles Commercialized  
Cotton spinning machine This helps in extracting cotton threads On- going project  
Straw mushroom The straw mushroom is renowned for its high zinc content which boosts body immunity, digestion, energy metabolism and controlling blood sugar. On- going project  
Spawn Mushroom currently packaging and made a formulation for the mushroom to last longer on- going project  
Oyster Mushroom Currently finding methods to dry the Oyster mushrooms and be able to maintain its colour without using the solar dryer. Value addition on the oyster mushrooms like the mushroom soups on- going project  
Button Mushroom They develop the primary strain(decomposer) to using oyster,substrate to upscale its production. on- going project  
Ganoderma Currently the strain isnt good, so they are waiting to get those strains from china on- going project  
Paddy Staw These are new mushrooms they are growing that produces good yields and it has proven to be successful on- going project  
Shitaki Currrently its on hold because of limited space On- hold  
Briquettes The energy division emerges with a variety of agriculture waste options for making briquettes including using ground nut shells, animal waste, maize combs and banana peelings among others On-going project soon to be commercialized  
Bioethanol The Energy Division had their first bioethanol sample generated from maize managed through a fermentation process using solar energy. The pilot project aims to produce fuel that should be cost effective in the management of automated devices. Bioethanol serves as a substitute to petrol for road transport vehicles and generators On-going project  
Textile UIRI extended its textile support efforts to establishing two facilities in Bugweri and the other in Kabale Districts. This would enable communities benefit from the technology transfer, training and opportunity to produce their own fabric for both the local and regional market. Commercialized